About us

The Never~Ending Orchestra is a musical project co-created by AURÉLIEN BARRY and MATTHIEU LECOMTE that sings the tales of dreams and parallel worlds in both existing and imaginary languages.


The graphic novel HEART of a Never~Ending Orchestra is a mythological origin story of the creation of this music, blurring the lines between fiction, reality and the fantastical. It is entirely synchronised on a dynamic soundtrack that adapts to the pace of your reading.

Who we are

Aurélien Barry, singer, composer and illustrator, has since always been driven to create and share his inner imaginary worlds weaved from surrealism, phychoanalytic fantasy and clashing melodies. He may or may not have been impacted by a childhood in rural France spent in an isolated house right next to a cemetery and surrounded by vast landscapes, majestic forests and imaginary spectres spun from the mischievous music of hooting owls. 

Matthieu Lecomte, violinist, composer and science PhD, patiently chisels the chaotic flakes of The Never~Ending Orchestra to give them their cohesive shape, with the craftsmanship of an aural goldsmith. His first lucid dreaming came at the age of 8 and he immediately seized the opportunity to gain the friendship of the Steel Saints: Daichi the fox, Ushio the fish and Sho the toucan.


How to help?

This is a purely independent project which, frankly, could not exist without your help. If you would like to see the graphic novel's story continue and hear more of our music, there are many ways for you to support us.

Get the word out!

The more the merrier as they say, and we do want to share our vision with as many people as we can. Your help spreading the word out and sharing our contents on various networks will be quite invaluable indeed.

Buy the physical books!

It is important for us to give free access to the digital versions of our main story. We do, however, offer a printed versions featuring exclusive chapters, behind the scenes tidbits as well as a download code for the original soundtrack.

Give us a little something something!

You can also give us a direct contribution of your choice via PayPal, of course. Thank you so much! :)


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